Facing Foreclosure? Bankruptcy Can Stop It.

You may have thought it would never happen to you – foreclosure. Yet, you are now faced with this real possibility, and are looking for ways to avoid having your house taken away from you. If you’re wondering if you can stop a foreclosure with bankruptcy in KY, the answer is “yes.” Filing for bankruptcy is one of many viable options to save your home.

The thought of losing your permanent residence can be emotionally draining. We understand that the memories you’ve made there are what truly made your house your home, and we want to do everything we can to help you preserve that.

It is highly recommended that you contact Attorney Tracy Hirsch, who can answer your questions and give legal guidance before it’s too late. At GSH Law Firm, we can help homeowners keep their homes through bankruptcy, loan modifications, short sales or a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

GSH Law of Louisville, KY is committed to protecting the rights of consumers. Our clients get our full attention when a home foreclosure is pending. Legal action should be undertaken at once, and we are ready to help you now.

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When it comes to foreclosure, there are multiple options that can help you avoid losing your home. Click here to learn how to stop a foreclosure with bankruptcy in KY, and how we can help.


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